Who is?

The author of this blog posing in some weird variation of the fabled Internet Disease. Please note that I am not insane, or so I think I am.

This blog contains stuff that floats within my cerebral cortex. I’ll usually post about anything that strikes my fancy and sometimes will speak of my perspectives as well as my sorry excuse of existence on these pages.

I do not seek the truth nor do I seek to enlighten anyone. I just write because I like writing about subjects that I find interesting.

So there.

Edit: Disregard the above for it does not state anything relatively coherent. In other words, it is a response that’s full of fecal matter that needs not be understood.

Simplified reasoning for this site? Simple. Entertainment.


4 responses to “Who is?

  1. Dear Sir / Madam,

    I am Vicky from AMC (American Magazine Center)

    We are an English-teaching magazine in Taiwan. In April, we will run a short article about “The Magic of Music”. In the article we mention about a conductor named Clive Wearing.

    To illustrate the article, we need photos for the layout of our magazine, so I found some in the website: https://alholic.wordpress.com/category/clive-wearing/

    We wonder if you can authorize the pictures of Clive Wearing to us or provide us with other high-resolution (5MP~10MP) photos,or provide us with a website where we can gain access to high-resolution photos for
    magazine use.

    We’re looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for your help and consideration. You can send email to me: vicky.wu@english4u.com.tw

    Vicky Wu

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